LED Downlights

    By a111964

    In addition, LED Downlights LED lights also enter the bidding stage. Yuanta Securities pointed out that the huge business opportunities in the mainland LED street lights, light a city of Shenyang, street lighting requirements, which amounts to 3.7 million, the estimated demand for outdoor lights continent alone a city of up to 6,660 ten thousand, not as yet include two, three city, show the huge business opportunities in mainland street lights. LED Strip Lights

    Guangdong Province in mainland China launched the first thousand million plan, the LED street lamp demonstration and extension projects are expected to be implemented in dozens of cities such as Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, set street light highway mileage of up to 1,500 kilometers, a size of about 100 000, outside the pre- estimated to create about 10 million LED lamps demand. GU10 LED Lamp