LED Lamps Bulbs

    By a111964

    LED LED Lamps Bulbs industry application 7 percent from the phone, however, with the LED cost reduction, the application of surface more and more widely, this year will be a notebook computer featuring LED industry's growth locomotive, followed by the LEDTV and lighting succession successor . LED Flexi Strip

    Chairman Li Bingjie Epistar LED lighting demand is 150 times the phone. Display lighting will become an important growth engine of the industry long-term. The legal person pointed out that because LED costs are still higher than traditional lighting, LED lights will lead the charge in the LED lighting applications, LED street lights started to take off from government policy support.

    Topology Research Institute estimates that this year's global penetration rate of LED street lamp is estimated that up to 1% of the estimated global market size of 2,000,000. The market roughly estimate, LED lights this year 20 billion yuan opportunities point of view. Yuanta Securities, LED Light Module