Terminal4Pets Launches Special Service for People with Special Needs

    By Terminal4Pets

    The Israeli Pet Travel Agency Terminal4Pets was established in order to assist pet owners that travel with their pet or ship pets abroad via cargo. Our main agenda is and always will be – to turn the tourism and aviation worlds into pet-friendly, offering the most advanced and unique solutions to pet travel at a global level. Our clients are pets.

    In the course of the past few years our flight management team had faced a few challenges while trying to assist pet owners with special needs (such as blind, crippled, psychologically challenged etc.). While working with those clients back to back we realized the importance of having their privet pet escort them throughout the journey. That was a wake-up call.

    Dr. Eytan Kreiner, CEO at Terminal4Pets: "Unfortunately there are many airline carriers that have a strict policy regarding pets in cabin. The 'so-called' pet friendly airlines allow pets on board with their owner only if the pet weights no more than 8 kilograms (including the flight kennel). That means that only cats and small dogs are allowed if indeed. However, the Emotional pets that support people with special needs do not fit the pet-in-cabin standard and therefore, their owners are instructed to travel by themselves. That creates an extremely difficult situation for many people and some of are even forced to give up on their travel plans. We are here to help them!"

    Having studied the material, at a global level, the pet flight teem at Terminal4Pets is prepared to assist clients with special needs should they chose (or need) to travel together with their pets. We offer free consultation in order to provide our clients with all the information they need in order to officially state their pet as an Emotional Animal Support.

    We are here to offer legal advice, assist with the bureaucracy at every country and represent our clients in front of airline carriers, ground handlers, shuttling services and every other operator relevant to the clients' travel arraignments.



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