Differences Between Mobile Concrete Mixers

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    Different types of concrete mixers have certain differences, then  what are the differences between them?

    Concrete mixer can be divided into friction type concrete mixer,gear type concrete mixer, singl-horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer and double-horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer according to the stirring form.

    This article writes a couple of differences between JZM series concrete mixer, JZC series concrete mixer and JS series concrete mixer.

    1.    Differences between JZM series concrete mixer and JZC series concrete mixer:
    JZM and JZC mobile concrete mixer are all gravity type of double-conic reversing drum concrete mixer, and the drum rotates clockwise during mixing and anticlockwise during discharging. The difference between JZM and JZC is the mixing drum driving method. Drums of JZC mobile concrete mixers transmit by gear, while JZM mobile concrete mixers adopts rubber roller friction drive. Another difference between JZC mobile concrete mixer and JZD mobile concrete mixer is they have different models. JZM friction type concrete mixer has JZM350, JZM500 and JZM750 mobile concrete mixer. While JZC gear type concrete mixer has JZC250 and JZC350 climbin g bucket concrete mixer, sliding hopper concrete mixer and diesel concrete mixer.

    2.    Differences between self-falling concrete mixer and forced type concrete mixer:
    JZC and JZM mobile concrete mixers belongs to self-falling concrete mixer. The aggregate is moving with the drum. When the aggregate goes to the highest point in the drum, it will freely fall, so the effect of mixing is good. Self-falling concrete mixer goes recycle mixing.

    JS mobile concrete mixer is compulsory concrete mixer. It has two shafts to stir materials spirally, so it has stronger mixing effect than that of self-falling concrete mixer.
    Self-falling concrete mixer can only mix plasticity and damp half-dry concrete, while the compulsory concrete mixer can mix dry hard concrete, elastic concrete, flow concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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