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    Modelling Agencies in Delhi

    Modelling has become one of the most lucrative careers for young men and women in India.
    It goes beyond the previous limitations of only smart, young, good-looking boys and girls.
    Today even the very young and the very old are in great demand. This is due to the fact that
    India has become a consumer driven market and the advertisers have realised that they
    need to target all segments of society, hence they need models that everyone can identify

    Role of modelling agencies:

    In this industry the modelling agencies have begun to play an even greater role. They were
    earlier just the providers of the models for the ad agencies. Today they find the models,
    groom them and after that they find them the best contracts and take care of their careers
    for quite some time. Modelling agencies have realised that in order to be able to find
    the best jobs for those who are on their roster they need to make sure that that they are
    presentable, they know how to emote and that they should suit the requirements of the

    Guidelines and Principles:

    Modelling agencies in Delhi, if they are good and professional will follow the ethical business
    guidelines of any good organisation. They will have the best photographers as part of their
    organisation or have contracts with the ones who are renowned for their work. They have
    model co-ordinators and grooming specialists in their team. They also have the legal teams
    to make sure that none of their models get short-changed while the contracts are being
    worded. Above all, they will have good clients, who rely upon them to provide the models
    suited for their ads.

    Choosing a good modelling agency:

    A good modelling agency should not only have the best team possible, but it should also be
    run professionally and efficiently. It should be much more than just a place where a model
    hands over his or her portfolio, it should be one where the model is guided and trained and
    taken care of. The models should be treated with respect since they are the biggest assets of
    the organisation.

    Commissions and charges:

    Modelling agencies in Delhi follow the same practice as agencies in the rest of the country of charging the models a certain amount for taking them on their roster. They may also
    charge for the grooming and training sessions. They charge a certain percentage from their
    contract salaries are part of their agent fees. The amounts differ from model to model,

    Top Indian Models

    Top Indian Models

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