3 skin dark heavy problem how do you solve

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    Cold winter climate, the skin will become dull, but in the spring,clarisonic the skin should start becomes bright, but you are still bleak look? It means you need to take care of the.Is more than skin, the hair will become dull, then learn to brighten.3 the following skin dark heavy problem, how do you solve?

    1 is not easy to be aware of the dark

    Yes, itself is a fair-skinned people, dim is difficult to be found, in some cases, the skin absorption began to deteriorate, this skin condition, nature is dim precursor, also don't hurry!

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    Believe it or not, the maintenance of the finger will work?

    We do not say this is the massage, to, this much trouble, we say this is to help the skin to do exercise.Wash the face every day, don't rush to Tu care products, both hands from inside to outside in the cheeks gently, not too hard, as long as it can let the skin slightly fibrillation can, eyes, nose and other inconveniences clapping place with the ring finger to press, 3, 5 minutes.Through the skin, can make the skin the new supersedes the old. The ability to maintain links, subsequent also increased the absorbance, Hi Hikaruaya that is a must.

    2 come and go like a shadow in the dark

    Today looks ok, tomorrow morning cyclotron, looks pretty white, gray afternoon, why? Two, may be a circulation system of skin is not smooth, Qi and blood, or emotional relationships, work most of the day, "pear" and exhausted one up, which will give the bleak campaign.

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    Skin care is a careful backing machine

    For this type of change, we must use both inside and outside of the action.Skin care steps, only need to change a habit, not the circulatory system is not good, every step rub hands then coated with skin care products.Brand experts tell us, the skin temperature increase of 4 degrees can increase the absorption of degree 20%.Then you must use the snack machine,Clarisonic Brush Head Four Pack -Sensitive, have time to see the make-up artist to "hemp beans" makeup, with makeup primer before paint sweep a layer of pearl powder on the skin, he finished below the eye makeup of the darkest place with some pearl powder of naked eye color, as long as: below the eyes light up, the whole face will look good.This method can be very suitable for afternoon makeup Oh, you learn secret techniques of success?

    3 beat all the dark

    We want to glory, is whole, therefore can not let any one will affect the effect of the dead, so entangled in facial dark is not drop, stylist will speak out: neck and clavicle portion of the bleak, you care to yet?

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    YSL quietly to expand its sphere of influence

    The neck below, itself has been shadowing risk, ignoring plus maintenance, look and face coordination, must by now much to coax people, this is a smart person game idea, no one told you the next brush with the neck and supraclavicular,clarisonic mia this add the light component brighten the product fineness and texture is that invisibly surprise you, Admiral, the most prominent place on the central neck stressed!



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