Compulsory Concrete Mixer and Drum Concrete Mixer

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    There are several differences between compulsory concrete mixer and drum concrete mixer. For example: structure, principles of operation, application, etc..

    The compulsory concrete mixer is one type of concrete mixer whose mixing drum does not move, but arranged blades within the drum shaft finish forced mixing.

    This type concrete mixer has high quality mixing, uniform concrete mixture ratio and high production, however, it has large power consumption, and the blades wear quickly. It is generally applied for mixing dry concrete.

    Compulsory concrete mixer of Pioneer Machinery Company is double horizontal shaft concrete mixer which has two shafts to mix materials and has high efficiency. Our forced type concrete mixer blades are used the new materials, and the blade angle is adjusted to the best, which not only increases the wearing strength of blades, but also reduces the wear intensity of blades, thus greatly increasing the service life of the blades.

    While the drum mixer is also called self falling type concrete mixer. It is also a gravity type of double conic reversing drum concrete mixer. This type of concrete mixer places the mixture in a rotating mixing drum, and with the rotation of the mixing drum,  drum blades promote the mixture inside to a certain height and then the materials fall freely by the gravity. Such go round and begin again to mix until materials are mixed evenly. This kind of concdrete mixer generally mixes plastic and semi-plastic concrete.

    From the above knowable, technology investment and production material investment of forced type concrete mixer and drum concrete mixer are different, the concrete types for mixing are different. In addition, the way of mixing, production efficiency, energy consumption and service life of forced type concrete mixer and drum concrete mixer are different. So customers should choose the concrete mixer type according to their production and situation.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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