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    Simon Nissim
    By Simon Nissim

    Simon Nissim and Andrew Feldman were two friends interested in spread betting online. Simon Nissim offered to place spread bets for Andrew Feldman on the Dow Jones index and give him all the winnings. Andrew Feldman agreed to indemnify all the losses involved. He was later left out with a bill of $220,000 and asked judge to be excused the debt. In my opinion, rabby Nissim has nothing to do with losses as decided under the agreement so he should not be blamed for that.

    I am sure that Andrew Feldman had not taken risk of such a large amount of money just like that. He might be aware of the betting skills of Simon and wanted to make immense profit out of it. Both of them just wanted to earn money for living a luxurious life. He must pay the agreed amount to rabby as it was decided between the two. Besides offering unlimited profits, gambling also undergoes the phase of risk and loss of money many times.

    According to me, it was just their bad luck that they could not make most out of the field of spread betting. It is worthless to blame any particular person between the two involved.    

    Simon Nissim

    Simon Nissim

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    Andrew Feldman and Simon Nissim were brought together in 2007 by a charitable Jewish organization which employed Nissim. Both of them were interested in gambling and their mutual interest made them...