The Classification of Concrete Mixer


    1.According to working properties of concrete mixer, it can be divided into:
    (1) periodic working concrete mixer
    (2) continuous working concrete mixer

    2.According to the mixing principle, it can be classified into
    (1) self falling type concrete mixer
    (2) forced concrete mixer

    3. According to the stirring barrel shape,it can be divided into
    (1) drum concrete mixer
    (2) conic concrete mixer
    (3) disc type concrete mixer

    In addition, the mixer is also divided into crack cylinder and circular groove (i.e., horizontal shaft) type concrete mixer .
    Self falling type concrete mixer has a long history. As early as twentieth Century, drum concrete mixer driven by steam engines has begun to appear. After the 1950s, reversing type and the tilting type double conic concrete mixer and cracking drum concrete mixer appeared in succession and got development.

    The inner wall of self falling concrete mixer drum is arranged radial stirring blades. When working, the aggregate is moving with barrel. When the aggregate goes to the highest point, it will freely fall. The structure of self falling concrete mixer is simple and it is suitable to mix plastic concrete.

    Since the rise the early 1950s, compulsory concrete mixer obtained the rapid development and popularization.The disk vertical shaft compulsory concrete mixer was first to appear. This series of concrete mixer had turboprop and planetary type. After 1970s, along with the application of lightweight aggregate, appeared a circular groove horizontal shaft type forced concrete mixer, which is divided into a single horizontal shaft type and double horizontal shaft type. It also had self falling and forced concrete mixer. It is featured by low mixing blade line speed, good wear resistance and low energy consumption, so it obtained rapid development. The rotating arm frame is provided with stirring blades, the material forms a cross logistics under the strong mixing.This way of mixing is stronger than that of self falling concrete mixer, and it is mainly suitable for mixing dry concrete.

    Continuous concrete mixer is equipped with spiral stirring blades. All kinds of materials separately transmitted to mixer by continuous weighing according to mixing ratio. Mixing time of this type of concrete mixer is short, and productivity is high .Its development attract people's attention.

    With the development of concrete materials and construction technology, a lot of new structure of concrete mixer have appeared, such as steam heating mixer, supercritical speed mixer, sound wave mixer, no stirring blades swing disc mixer and secondary mixing concrete mixing machine.

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