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    By Centillien

    Our system is based on keywords that you can define and our search engine will pick them up. Google and other search engines also see this and determine based on the strength of these words in relation to your company profile whether it is valuable for them to use.  Google has registered more than 25.000 pages of Centillien until now, not all are ranked high, but you can help by improving your profile and the keywords that match. 

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    So it is important to use this feature in a proper way. I will try to explain how.

    Unless you have a very strong brand name, not many people will use your company name to search. If they do, you probably get found anyway and the use of a search engine was pretty much useless.

    If people search, they try to use words that describe the outcome. If you are hungry and want to go for a snack, you type “hamburger New York “ and you get a list of restaurants there.

    Your company profile has two important fields “skills” and “interests”. The first  fields should contain what you are good at (like hamburgers, ICT, recruitment, coaching, or whatever) The second is what you are looking for. For instance (“new suppliers, personnel, distributors, knowledge)

    You separate the keywords with a comma (”,”) Use single or double keywords now and later on you maybe need a longer combination of words to get on top of the list.  Do not use more than five keywords, it is unlikely that they all match. 



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    Centillien went live in june 2012. We believe that companies around the world need a social network of their own to be able to become more effective in this important area.
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