Classifications of Concrete Batching Plant Conveyor

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    According to operation mode, concrete batching plant conveyor can be divided into belt conveyor, screw conveyor and bucket elevator, roller conveyor, etc.

    The material conveying system of concrete batching plant is mainly composed of conveyor. Conveyor is a transporting device which lies in certain route and continuously transmits material to mixer. Conveyor is also known as the continuously conveyor and it has horizontal, inclined and vertical transporting.

    Concrete batching plant conveyor has big conveying capacity and long distance. In the process of delivery it also can complete a number of technology operations at the same time, so it has a wide range of applications. Concrete batching plant can use single conveyor to transport or apply several conveyor. Conveyor also be used with with other transportation equipments to form level or inclined conveyor system to meet different requirements of production lines.

    The main parameters of concrete batching plant conveyor:
    Generally, according to material conveying system requirements, material charging and discharging places and production process and materials' properties to determine the main parameters of conveyor.

    (1)Conveyor conveying capacity: it refers to the quantity of feeding material in each hour. When conveying bulk material, it means the volume of feeding material in every hour and when conveying piece goods, the capacity refers to number of pieces in an hour.

    (2)Conveyor conveying speed: improving transporting speed can increase conveying capacity. When costumers use belt type conveyor, the distance is long and the conveying speed becomes faster and faster, they should take care of the vibration, noise, start and brake of conveyor. The speed of conveyor which completes a number of technology operations at the same time is determined according to requirements of the production process.

    (3)Component size: component size of concrete batching plant conveyor consists of the width of conveyor belt, strip width, hopper volume, pipeline diameter and container size, etc. These component sizes have a direct impact on the conveying capacity.

    (4)The length of the conveyor and tilt angle: the length of concrete batching plant conveyor and tilt angle directly affect the overall drag of conveyor and required power.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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