The mother hair coloring should be carefully

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    Now, fashionable women to color their hair can have personalized choice,instyler some during pregnancy "mother" want to become a hair color change.The researchers think, "mother" who should be cautious hair coloring.

    So far, although there is no perm pharmacy fetal adverse effects caused by the report, but there are many types of hair coloring agent, these drugs often cause skin allergies.For frequent use of hair coloring agent barber, the skin of atopic dermatitis, or contact urticaria is common.There are a lot of people because the hair coloring, scalp caused by inflammation, swelling, and even hair.

    Hair coloring agent for the fetus in the end there is no effect?In 1997, scientists in Holland Casey Max do research on 9000 hair coloring division, discussed the 1986 to 1988 and 1991 to 1993, these hair coloring division children development and normal in the brain differences.The results showed, there is more bad influence in the 1986 to 1988 this group of children, but another group of normal people there is no difference, so the hair coloring agent on the fetus in the end has no effect, still not very clear conclusion.

    From the above research, expectant mothers during pregnancy dyed perm is not one hundred percent safe,InStyler Curling Irons black at present also not found a clear cause fetal malformations or evidence of the effects of.However, after all these toxic agents, a number of animal experiments in medicine increase in conditions, or caused the issue of the fetus during pregnancy, so if you want to dye, perm, should grasp the following principles:

    Dyed perm better to wait until after three months of pregnancy, because pregnancy three months ago when fetal organ development period, the most likely to cause malformations.Should minimize the number of hair coloring, causing effects of drugs to avoid accumulation.Hair coloring or perming hair can only handle, the tail section of the part, scalp to reduce the absorption of drugs or is allergic.

    If not previously dyed hair, it is best not to try in pregnancy,Spring Curling Iron to avoid skin allergy caused by inappropriate.Bad hair dye best not to perm.The proper use of conditioner, the hair repair and protection is helpful.



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