Functions of Screw Conveyor in the Railway Construction

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    Screw conveyor is an important part of the earth pressure balance shield in the railway construction projects. Its main function is to discharge muck that cut down by shield cutterhead, and at the same time to adjust the front excavation chamber pressure to prevent ground subsidence.

    Screw conveyor's functions in the railway construction projects are as follows:
    1. Screw conveyor dumps: discharge muck that cut down by shield cutterhead from the excavation.

    2. Screw conveyor pressurizes: dregs are compressed to form a sealing plug by driving the blades conveying, so that prevent water in dirt from outflowing and maintain soil pressure stable of sealed cabin.

    3. Screw conveyor maintains pressure balanced to prevent settlement: adjust the slag amount by changing the screw conveyor speed to modulate the earth pressure of excavation chamber. This will keep screw conveyor and water, earth pressure of excavated surface balanced to prevent subsidence.

    Pioneer Machinery Company Limited design and manufactures screw conveyor and it is widely used in construction projects. Our screw conveyor has compact structure, small cross section, light weight, good sealing performance, high conveying efficiency, flexible process arrangement, convenient assembly, disassembly and movement and safe operation.

    Screw conveyor is acceptable for conveying various dusty, grainy, small lumpy bulk materials. It is divided into horizontal, inclined and combined type according to configured method and can be used with other conveying devices together to finish working such as concentrated transportation, respectively conveying mixing materials, mixing, dewatering, discharging and stacking.
    Screw convey is specially suitable for conveying bulk cement from cement warehouse to mixer or from cement warehouse to batching machine in concrete batching plant.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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