Sun how fast whitening method _ after-sun whitening

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    Sometimes temporary something or go to the beach, it is easy to cause the late sun and dull skin,clarisonic mia after-sun how fast whitening back is a lot of MM relationship issues, master introduces some methods of after-sun whitening and matters needing attention.

    1 to after-sun treatment according to the skin condition, the following common skin problems and solutions:

    2 feel fever: after-sun repair products use Shoulian Shui or repair curry has sedative cooling effect.

    3: the use of supplementary water aglow, speed into the blood products in Xunhua.For example, replenishment mask, massage oils, etc..

    4 red itchy: inflammation and symptoms should go to a doctor, do not use any whitening skin care products.

    5 drying out fine lines: the use of essence and beauty fluid activation products.

    6 dry dander: supplementary skin moisture balance products.For example, moisturizing mask, moisturizing essence.

    Of course, not only the need for after-sun skin care, also need to pay attention to some beauty knowledge.

    The 1 stop exfoliating.After-sun skin is very fragile, even gently exfoliating will make the skin worse, can let skin relax and calm, reconsider exfoliating care.

    2 does not wash with hot water.Hot water wash will make telangiectasia, congestion,Clarisonic Mia 2 Dark Blue Sonic Skin Cleansing flushing and even grow there patches of sunburn.Instead, cold water wash can make pores, skin cooling, to eliminate heat faded red effect.

    3 sun also need to diet.Eat sweets, meat and other acidic foods, so as not to affect the metabolism of vitamin B group, and cause acne, blackheads and other common skin problems, you can drink plenty of water, eat fruit and vegetables, especially containing large amounts of lycopene, tomatoes, may help repair after-sun skin, whitening and antioxidant work.

    4 green tea sunburn.The mild sun, such as erythema, burning and so on, you can use green tea cold water concentration of 1 hours, the fresh green tea is rich in polyphenols, can resist ultraviolet damage.

    5 use physical sunscreen agent.Fragile skin after sunburn,Clarisonic Mia 2 Orange Sonic Skin Cleansing the best use of such as zinc oxide sunscreen, physical sunscreen, protection of UVA and UVB at the same time, and no irritation to the skin, almost not allergic, if the make-up remover, used olive oil.

    The above is some after-sun whitening method, want fast whitening MM can learn to try.



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