Concrete Mixer Overloading Operation Process

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    Concrete mixer is one kind of concrete machinery which mixs  the cement, aggregates and water into concrete mixture and it is mainly composed of the drum, the feeding and discharging mechanism, a water supply system, the original motivation, drive mechanism, frame and a supporting device.

    Concrete mixer is the total production of concrete machinery. A very important job of concrete mixer useage is overloading operation which is an indispensable work to whatever kind of concrete mixer.
    Concrete mixer overloading operation process are: start concrete mixer's mixing button to let the stiring shaft work normally. Then feed aggregate, cement and sand to the hopper and the charging order is stone - cement - sand. After this operation, start concrete mixer lifting motor, so that the feed hopper can rise to the top end of the track. After unloading the materials to  the stirring barrel, users should immediately operate the hopper to the lowest position of track, so that the next cycle charge operates normally and timely.

    After doing this job, users manipulate the water supply pump button of the concrete mixer and the water pump starts working. The pump adds proper amount of water to the stirring barrel and then concrete mixer stirs for 25-30 seconds. Later, users manipulate the tilting turbine reducer button. The mixing drum  rotates for a certain angle along the agitator axis under the turbine reducer driving and material is discharged along the outlet.

    After finishing concrete mixer discharging, users manipulates tilting turbine reducer button to let concrete mixer restore to working condition. Until then concrete mixer completes a cycle of work and continously carry on the next operating cycle.

    Users also pay more attention to the concrete mixer's maintenance and take good care of concrete mixer to prolong its service life.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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