Operation and Maintenance of Concrete Mixer

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    Concrete mixer is an important construction equipment. It is possible to prolong the service life of concrete mixer if users operate and maintain concrete mixer correctly and carefully.
    Concrete mixer is an ideal machinery on ordinary construction sites, roads, bridges projects and concrete prefabricated parts factories.

    Here are some operating instructions and matters needing attention during maintenance:
    Concrete mixer operating instructions:
    Preparations before starting: users should check whether there is debris in mixing drum and whether every part of bolts are loose. Inspect whether reducer oil is lack of adequacy and scraper is loose. View whether angle is correct and whether wires leak power.

    Starting up: users should remove all of materials and ensure that the mixing drum keep empty before starting up. Then start-up power source and start concrete mixer to hear whether there is abnormal sound. Feed materials strictly according to the rules.

    Closing down: users can close down concrete mixer until the mixture in concrete drum is totally discharged. After closing down concrete mixer, users should clear up oddments of stirring drum.

    Matters needing attention during concrete mixer maintenance:
    Machinery: horizontal mixer, spiral feeding machine, concrete mixer, powder machine, horizontal / vertical mixing machine, feeding machine, dehydration machine, plastic, sheet crusher, and conveyor belt.

    Electrostatic prevention products: anti-static turnover vehicles, anti-static plate / send frame and anti-static work table.

    Pay attention to the problem: users must cut off power supply when replace the scraper and hung on prohibiting working logo. It is better to have special person to guard the power to avoid accidents.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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