Mobile Concrete Mixer's Operating Instructions

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    Today we will talk about the problem: mobile concrete mixer's operating instructions.

    JZC series, JZM series and JZD series concrete mixers have reasonable structure, high efficiency, good mixing quality, attractive appearance and convenient moving. They are all mobile concrete mixers and advanced construction equipments.

    The followings are mobile concrete mixer’s operating instructions:
    1.     The preparations before starting up: users should check if there is debris in the disk and view whether each part of bolts are loose, oil of reduction box is sufficien. View if the scraper is loose and if the angle is correct. Check whether the power and wire leak.

    2.     Starting up: remove all materials in the disk, and ensure that the barrel is empty before starting the power source. Then hear whether there is abnormal sound and strictly feed materials in accordance with the rules.

    3.     After concrete mixer being electrified, start the main mixing motor through protective functional start switch.

    4.     When the concrete mixer enters normal working state, add materials to the mixing plate, and at the same time fill a certain amount of water to the disk through the water pump. After doing that concrete mixer can do mixing work.

    5.     After the materials are ready mixed, open the discharging door and the concrete goes into the car through a discharging chute. The car can be moved and remained freely in the working guide rail to meet different feeding needs.

    6.     Drain all the materials in mixing drum and close the discharging door, then users complete a mixing cycle.

    7.     In the working process, all scrapers and lining boards should maintain a certain gap. Water supplying uses 220V750W single screw pump and timing water supply. After completion of water supplying, the power will be automatically off and the pump stops supplying water.

    All of the aboves are some suggestions to how to operate mobile concrete mixers.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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