Dandruff, you understand?

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    Dandruff problem of misunderstanding

    In China,instyler the dandruff problem is more common than Europe and the United States, 60% of adults are subject to varying degrees of dandruff head itch.Many people who are actively looking for solutions, but a common view is that there is no cure dandruff.The use of anti-dandruff shampoo, as long as there is no significant amounts of dandruff, head itch would only happen occasionally, that their dandruff problem has been resolved.Some consumers feel troubled by dandruff is not a big problem, the most beautiful, or occasionally some embarrassment, but has nothing to do with health.In fact, these are the wrong point of view.

    The fundamental cause of the scalp dandruff head itch is abnormal cell and skin of head injuries.Even the dandruff head itch occasionally show skin head environment is not healthy, as long as it does not improve, dandruff will soon be recycled.Because the head itch to scratch and cause further damage to the hair and scalp, the scalp health continues to deteriorate, further aggravate the damaged hair.The scalp health research center of China Health Education Association think, gold standard for healthy hair should be completely no dandruff, itching, hair oil secretion also does not have too many situations.

    Effective dandruff, right?

    Today's shampoo market, anti-dandruff products as though a superb collection of beautiful things, but in fact anti-dandruff products before entering the market without the need for any anti-dandruff efficacy authority testing and certification.At present many anti-dandruff shampoo in the Chinese market does not contain a truly effective anti-dandruff ingredient.

    From a scientific point of view,Instyler price dandruff occurs in the common phenomenon of the head, is the scalp massive immature cells.The skin of the head in the natural metabolism (a period is usually 28 days), in the meantime, the scalp constantly update its surface, which is called the new supersedes the old.Scalp epidermal cells normally off are shed individually, invisible to the naked eye.But the new supersedes the old. Out of control, the shedding of epidermal cells, it will cause the emergence of dandruff; generally, fungi - Oval Pityrosporum scalp is the main reason for dandruff generated.

    Some anti-dandruff shampoo products will only shed dandruff wash.And a good anti-dandruff shampoo products, must be approved safety effective dandruff and inhibit the regeneration of dandruff ingredients.Sea flying silk patent third generation ZPT platelets activated anti-dandruff factor is an internationally recognized effective anti-dandruff ingredient, its efficacy and safety have been recognized and that the United States Food and Drug Administration FDA.It is effective on the scalp, lead to dandruff of the incident micro-organisms - Pityrosporum reduced to normal levels, helping to restore the health of the scalp cells, so as to fundamentally solve the problem, then growth inhibition of dandruff.

    At the same time, excellent anti-dandruff shampoo products should also be mild, suitable for everyday use.Dandruff consumers should choose anti-dandruff shampoo your hair according to their own situation,InStyler Rotating Iron Hair Styler and use the stick to rules, which can cause dandruff components continue to play a role, so that the head fungal skin to maintain normal levels, growth environment to give the hair healthy and stable.



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