Centillien will be your company website

    By Centillien

    We have a lot of things on our plate to fullfill our strategic goals. 

    One of them is to provide you with a free company website. In the past months , we have worked hard to get you the tools to create any content or attach any content available on Internet to your profile.

    We now started working on a way to transform your profile into your own company website. 

    The first step has been taken. We now display your profile and any content as your company website. We removed the Centillien name on your content and replaced it with your company name. We also made a backlink to your homepage from all that content you made.

    Next steps are to further personalise the navigation and provide more tools to make the look and feel of your company homepage.

    If we are finished, we believe that there is no need for any small or medium sized companies to have their own website. It saves you money and a lot of time and technical knowledge to make it a succes.

    We can simply point a company website like  www.company.com to your homepage on Centillien and visitors will experience this  as your website with tons of information and marketing and sales tools.

    We also make a lot of effort so people will find your website on the internet and all of its content. As finishing touch we provide you with a network of companies to to do business with. As easy as we can imagine it.

    If you need additional features, just let us know. Our goal is to provide you the most extensive and best tools available on Internet to do your online business.

    We will also working on your own company webshops so you will be able to sell your products directly online. It will include a payment module to let customers pay online for your services. That way you can immediately start any business online using Centillien. This function will require an upgrade of your account since we need to make substantial cost to make this happen and operate. 

    Let's make clear that Centillien is and will allways stay a free social network for all companies around the world. Only very advanced or costly features will be made available to professional accounts. 

    But that should not be an issue, since we will make sure it is worth the money.



    Social network for companies. Full public profile, advertising, blogs, videos, events, groups. We have the most functional social network in the world
    Business description

    Centillien went live in june 2012. We believe that companies around the world need a social network of their own to be able to become more effective in this important area.
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