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    The older the wine, the better it comes off with a fine ability to amuse one’s delicacy buds. Italy is one of the oldest wine producing nation in the entire world and has even caused France, the world’s largest wine producing and consuming nation, it has been recorded that Italy’s consumption sums up to 42 liter per capita consumption. Grape-stomping festivals held in villages bookmark the ample production of Italian red wine. Large acres of vineyard in Italy manifest healthy growth of grapes. The fruit is grown in every region of the country and sums up to one million vineyards in total. The Italian Agricultural Association has recorded over 350 varieties of grapes are used to yield white and red Italian wine.


    Barbera- It is the most widely grown dark red grape wine of Southern Lombardy and Piedmont. It is named as such because it was once said that one drank Barbera while waiting for the Barolo to get ready. The wine is now scrupulously vinified, and an old Barbera wine is called as “Barbera Barricato”. The wine is intensely cherry flavored with mouth watering acidity and a bit of tannic.


    Amarone- It’s the aftereffect wine after the grapes undergo Passito (a drying agent). Amarone wine is a lusty, ripe, full-bodied wine extracted from half-dried corvine grapes. Though dry and firm, the wine remains ripe and further adds to the tinge of sweetness to the wine.


    Barbaresco- Similar to the grape used to prepare Barolo, Barbaresco is a bit lighter in the body and is drunk best at 9 to 16 years of age.


    Barolo- It’s the dry, lusty, full-bodied wine from the Barolo region of Piedmont. It is drunk best at 10 to 19 years of age and the wine churns out heavy complex flavors of strawberries, herbs and earth.


    Chianti- Moderately tannic wine with medium - dried body and a delicious tart-cherry flavor from the Sangiovese grapes grown in Chianti. This particular Chianti wine is consumed young.


    Brunello DI Montalcino- This particular wine is intense and concentrated and is extracted from the Sangiovese grapes. It is consumed best after 15 years of age.


    Lambrusco- It has a sweet, frizzy texture with delicious flavours of grapes.


    Vino Nobile DI Montepulciano- The wine has red cherry flavours with dry, lean medium-bodied texture and is extracted from the Sangiovese grapes.

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    Valeria Zavadnikova is the owner of Montemaggio services. he has years of experience in dealing with this kind of services. The Montemaggio Estate is located in the Commune of Radda in Chianti in the heart of the Chianti Classico region. It is situated where once a 14th century tower stood above the old Roman road between Siena and Florence. Montemaggio also features on a map, dating back to 1560, of the “Captains of the Guelph Party” that is housed in the Podestria DI Radda. The name Montemaggio derives from “Monte maggiore” (Big Mountain) which indicates its elevated location.

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