Hair care errors

    By Instyler


    (1) hot after the hair, continue to use the original hair care products.Hairdresser recommendations: perm,instyler nz hair coloring after the best use specifically for hot, with the personal care products.The only way to make hair more durable, more solid color hair coloring.The professional salon to guest hot after the hair, will recommend guests use hot after washing products, the reasons for doing this: one is the chemical composition can remove residual in the hair, two can maintain the hair elastic.But there are many guests pay no heed to these recommendations.So find hot hair effect is just hot, volume is not lasting, some hair soon some become straight.

    After the hair dye must use the shampoo products dyed perm substance use,Spring Curling Iron so as to maintain the effect after dyeing hot, but also can prevent ultraviolet irradiation injury.

    (2) my hair easily broken, weak, not suitable for perm.

    Stylist proposal: the hair is not perm the hair not only in the hot, before the hair some strengthening, can dye.

    Each root hair is like a wall, keratin as "bricks", "brick" rely on "cement" connection and strong.Collagen is the hair in the "cement".No collagen hair is no longer a healthy shine.But it is not the bad hair,InStyler Rotating Iron Zebra hair is not suitable for perm.A good hair according to the hair of your design for your hair, such as the time is not very long, but only through a perm tip to make the hair more fluffy effect.



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