Concrete Batching Plant's Maintenance Standards

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    Good quality, high efficiency and large commodity concrete batching plant manufacturer, Henan Pioneer Machinery Company products concrete batching plant. Our concrete batching plant has such advantages as easy operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable design, stable performance, etc.

    Aggregate and metering system maintenance standards of concrete batching plant are as following:
    Pioneer Machinery aggregate transmission system is (flat, herringbone, slot) belt conveyor, bucket elevator feeding, aggregate supply system maintenance standards are:
    1.Must carry out idle check the belt conveyor before each class work and clean up debris, mud and fasten screws of every parts and adjust belt deviation phenomenon. Make sure all rotating parts be flexible.
    2.Change the oil of electric drum regularly according to the operation manual.
    3.After using 6 months, check and fill up lubricating oil of all rotating parts bearing, and then every year carry out completely disassembling and changing oil.
    4.The sweeper should often check and adjust scraping blade closing to belt to ensure the cleaning material is normal.

    Pioneer concrete batching plant metering system uses separate measurement, cumulative measurement. Metering system maintenance standards are:
    1.Each class must check and adjust all soft interface of the metering hopper, keep the belt length loose and flexible to ensure accuracy of measurement.
    2.After closing down in winter, users should exhaust the storage water in water supply system and additive supply system.
    3.If additive pump deactivates seasonally, users should carry out backwashing to prevent additive sediment in pipeline and pump or additive can not go out of pump.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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