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    Hair coloring has been regarded as a kind of fashion, how to make the hair color and skin color, hair,instyler australia makeup and dress collocation, in which knowledge is many, some tips for you to learn the following:

    And black

    Color: suitable for any skin; hair: natural; makeup: red light cool or dignified; dress: dark grey system, calm and elegant blue and red wine.

    And with a deep brown

    Color: suitable for any skin, fair complexion is preferred; hair lady type: straight or slightly wavy Qi ears short hair, generous; natural makeup: makeup, especially suitable for cold and warm colors, gray system suitable for elegant; clothing: black and white, purple color, classic elegant generous Navy and beige.

    Mix with light brown

    Color: white or malt color, bronze color can; hair: fresh and dynamic hair, Beautiful Wavy long hair; makeup: for cold and warm colors,InStyler Curling Irons try refreshing crisp fruit color makeup; clothing: pale yellow, light blue, light green and fresh, bright silver and orange.

    With copper and gold

    Color: white or malt color, is also suitable for dark in complexion lady; hair: fashion styling hair, a hierarchy of hair; makeup: for cold and warm colors, try transparent makeup or fruit color; clothing: high purity of black and white, black and red, gold and orange, bright sky blue.

    And gules collocation

    Color: natural color or white skin, very suitable for ladies to color yellow; style: the dynamic of short hair,InStyler Rotating Iron Hair Styler long straight hair or curly hair can be in warm; makeup: makeup, color is rich, golden, red, brown, black, white,; clothing: grey classic color, warm fire red, rich dark brown and brown.



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