Hair coloring reaction from passive to active

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    Don't blindly put their hair to a stranger, to follow the same pattern hair, no personality to speak of.

    The majority of yellow skin of Asians in color when not to use yellow color, because it will bring ill unhealthy feeling.Oriental people in general should be in brown, dark brown.This color is suitable for dyeing the whole head, you can also do coloring,instyler nz the appropriate age range of 25-50 years old.Rose red, red wine will create brilliant Festival atmosphere.Also suitable for short hair dye and local coloring hair, avoid by all means in the long hair dye, adapt to the age range 20-35 years.

    Selection principle is that the skin coloring than white people, the selected color with color gap larger, darker skin people, the selected color with color gap should be smaller.

    Should not wash your hair before the hair coloring, hair oils secreted by the scalp may play a role in protection against infection, and these grease and dust on the hair color does not affect effect.On the contrary, if the shampoo hair coloring, and even fingernails scratching the scalp, it will easily lead to the head skin allergy, serious and even lead to other diseases.The so-called imports of high-grade hair coloring agent, but the rate of decrease of hair damage, but the damage remains.We can see that the salon project, a hair coloring oil care, is actually a simple hair coloring, no care at all.Just washed hair, the head of the sweat pores open, the surface without any protection.Again good hair coloring agent can not make the skin allergy.

    The color of wide-tooth comb clear and coherent.If you need to color their own hair color difference between the larger, then the drift-hair, aim is to color, in order to prepare the target color.This step is very professional, you need the hairdresser for your processing.

    Then color in color, before a single branch Rangao (color) coated on the hair surface, after 5 minutes with a good target modulation dyed bright,InStyler Rotating Iron Zebra the purpose is to make the target color is beautiful and bright and never fade.After the completion of the Bureau of oil paint to avoid steam heating, because the steam will reduce the target color hue, which can not fully achieve the target color.The correct method is to roast in the infrared heating lamp after 25 minutes, and gently rub the hair with both hands, so that hair coloring uniformity, cooling after 5 minutes, rinse with warm water.Hair coloring shampoo shampoo later, remember not to scratch the scalp.

    The color is complete, do not use hot air blowing a long time, but not immediately perm.Because doing so will make the hair color, perm hair coloring as required shall be 7 days before or after 7 days.Also should not be hair coloring, hair in a short period of time, 3 days after the wash is better, also not be in the sun.In addition, skin allergies is not easy to do hair coloring.

    If your hair is healthy, moderate amount of hair, color black, that is better,Combination Instyler NZ Irons as long as the finest creation (a haircut), would be the icing on the cake.Black hair Piaoqi do not have a charm.But the beauty of Oriental women has been a strong expression in the hair.



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