Concrete Mixer's Quick-Wear Parts

    pioneer concrete mixer company
    By pioneer concrete mixer company

    When customers use drum concrete mixer, they will meet the problem of replacing quick-wear parts. Actually, concrete mixer has accompanied instructions. As long as customers conduct related operation according to the instructions when replacing quick-wear parts.

    The following are common quick-wear parts of drum concrete mixer:
    1.Pulley wheel, climbing wheel and riding wheel, gear wheel, such as steel wire rope pulley and hopper climbing wheel;
    2.Hopper lifting steel wire rope;
    3.Lifting motor brake ring;
    4.Time relay;
    5.Air switch, travel switch;
    6.Electrical box contactor
    7.Triangle belt;
    9.Control transformer;
    10.Oil seal.

    There must have professional staffs to replace quick-wear parts of drum concrete mixer according to the instruction.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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