Six hair trick to your DIY at home, black hair

    By Instyler


    Have a head of black hair, eyebrow should not exclude, however in order to make the face more glamorous, perm,instyler hair coloring is regarded as a must, and dirty air, solar radiation help abuse, straw-like hair, is quite common, from time to time on the SALON to do a hair, that is rich idle young mistress can do, the civilians or saving time points in the DIY, the effect is not input.

    The rest of life to the health

    Whether want skin water Dangdang, or big brain, must be the most basic conditions, is to maintain good eating, sleep quality, hair maintenance is of course no exception, stable and balanced lifestyle, metabolism in normal operation only, will drain away toxins, in addition, fresh fruits and vegetables, animal liver, dairy products, contain rich vitamin B6 (beef, liver), vitamin A (carrots, spinach), vitamin C (orange, tomato), protein (cheese, yogurt), camp elements, can promote hair growth, prevent hair loss function, ferial can multi-source uptake, healthy and beautiful

    Preliminary work before shampooing

    The tangled hair loose, can from the hair tail slowly dispersed, and then from the root part of the comb head to tail, can even head down, from brain scoops forward comb, make hair smooth, promote blood circulation, to perform the cleaning work can be twice the result with half the effort

    This thoroughly clean Shampoo

    Like shampoo skin care in general, still must start from the basic cleaning, complete cleaning to remove obstacles to absorb nutritious substances, follow-up action can effectively absorb the nourishment.

    First of all, to the shampoo into the palm, rub after Mayu hair, from hair roots to hair wash tail, and let the hair hang down into the nature, use the pulp to jog back and forth across the scalp massage, two or three times, then to the flow of warm,InStyler Rotating Iron Hair Styler cold water slowly washed, do not use hot water, will lead to the scalp excessive drying.

    Rinse, hair can not be the province

    Rinse, rinse the two products aimed at the effect is entirely different, rinse focus on protection, avoid chemical reactions such as ironing hair damage, can be used every day, focuses on the tail part can also be strengthened.As for the conditioner is focused on repair function, repair damaged hair, intrusion isolation UV, a Monday times, from the scalp to the hair, massage in various parts of the hair, in the use of clean water.After washing, use a wide tooth comb head to the hair tail comb, and wrapped his head with a towel, so rinse the moisturizing ingredients to fully play.

    Deep cleansing, a Monday times

    Deep cleansing action, can promote scalp activities, will also make the spirit of Koko, thoroughly clean the hair

    Hair drying small notes

    Blow the whole hair, the most appropriate distance of 10~15 cm, do not let hot too close, if want to make fluffy hair pulled up,InStyler Rotating Iron pink Zebra might as well try to dry the opposite direction, this will let the fluffy hair type.



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