Multi Language support

    By Centillien
    Multi Language support

    We now have limited support for 14 languages. English wil stay the site language and the language of communication from Centillien to members at all time. The goal of multi language is to make Centillien more accesible to all companies in the world.

    We implemented Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, French, Georgian, Turkish, Korean, Portugees, Danish, Hungarian, and Japanese. This means that we translate the functionality, buttons, messages etc.. Translating content is not part of our support, but we do have google translate widgets to overcome this issue.

    It is a work in progress, meaning that not all is translations are completed and maybe sometimes grammar or correct wording is not yet found. We have a small professional team and some enthusiasitic volunteers helping us to overcome this in due time.  

    We try to provide you with the preferred language of your choice by checking the language of your browser. If it does not fit your needs, use the user settings to change your language.

    If you want to become a volunteer translator please notify Centillien, we can use all the help we can get to improve the experience and accessibility for a global audience.

    Special thanks go out to our appreciated members helping us with the translation:

    Ninia Lazaar for the Russian and Georgian translation

    TSC Translation service with Chinese 

    Secuur Bouw with Turkish

    Inverba Translations with Spanish.

    Qualitrafic with French.

    Connect Japan with Japanese

    We can still use some help with Portugees.



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