Issues You should Know of Extraction of Oil from Algae

    By agico

    The demand for sources such as meals and fuel is fantastic elevated by the growing globe population along with a rise in international prosperity. Aglae is really a solution has been found to the possible shortages within the future. Individuals discovered that the oil produced from aglae may be used in animal feed, pharmaceuticals and fuel for power production. In order to extract oil from algae, we find five main methods.

    The very first and oldest way would be to dry the algae and expel the oil utilizing a mechanical oil press. Mix a solvent like benzene using the algae. Fire ultrasonic waves in the mixture to make cavitation bubbles in the solvent which will help in breaking the cell walls of the algae. Then the extract thr solvent mixture, you can obtain oil.

    oil extraction
    And prior to or after using a press, add a hexane solvent to the algae. This chemical assists extract as much as 95 % of the oil content material which is left behind within the algae pulp after the first pressing. Then you definitely can press the pulp to obtain the remaining oil. After adding a solvent, such as hexane or petroleum ether, percolating will be necessary. This technique makes extracting the oils from the solvent mixture necessary.

    Before it converts into liquid type, heat and pressurize carbon dioxide. Pressurize each carbon dioxide and algae simultaneously or add this as a solvent towards the algae. The liquid carbon dioxide acts as a solvent without involving more dangerous chemicals like hexane or benzene. Though much more complicated machinery and gear are required, this solvent extraction technique is very effective and can extract as much as 100 % from the oil in algae.

    Tips & Warnings

    As it uses a lot of power to dry the algae and power the press which extracts the oil, it is power intensive to use a mechanical oil presses.

    Hexane is inexpensive, however the vapors are dangerous and this necessitates a further refinement of the oil in order to eliminate the hexane.



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