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    ApnaComplex is India’s #1 Apartment Management Software. ApnaComplex is a web-based software solution for Housing Societies and Apartment Complexes. There is a companion Android App as well.

    With ApnaComplex, Apartment Associations can:

    1. Manage data of their complex (owners, residents, vendors, staff, vehicles, documents, assets, income, expenses, dues etc.) from one place

    2. Bring in transparency into the operations of the association and thus improve satisfaction of owners and residents.

    3. Manage complex professionally with processes supported by tools, than being person dependent

    4. Reduce total efforts being spent to manage the complex – encourages people to come forward to be part of managing committee.

    ApnaComplex supports unparalleled Society Accounting capabilities such as Income/Expense tracking, Maintenance charge tracking, maintaining Chart of Accounts, Making Transfers and Adjustments, Generating financial statements such as Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit-Loss Statements. Auditors can directly log into ApnaComplex and audit the accounts of Societies with out the need for any other software or a need to maintain data in multiple places.

    ApnaComplex also offers a companion android app for people to manage the society on the go!

    ApnaComplex is best suited to be the apartment or villa management / association accounting /LPG billing/ online association software.

    ApnaComplex is offered under multiple pricing plans to suit the needs of different apartment associations. There is a totally free edition as well which has impressive communication tools – like broadcasting SMS, Mailing Lists, Document Repository, Member Directory, Photo Gallery, Home Page for the Apartment Complex etc.

    ApnaComplex is widely used and has customers across all major cities in India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi – Kerala, Kolkatta, New Delhi, Chennai.

    Visit https://www.apnacomplex.com for more details.

    Check the ApnaComplex Overview(https://www.apnacomplex.com/apnacomplex-overview) presentation for brief introduction to ApnaComplex.

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    ApnaComplex is India’s #1 Apartment Management and Housing Society Software. ApnaComplex is a web-based software solution for Housing Societies and Apartment Complexes.

    With ApnaComplex, Apartment...