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    Trekking and Hiking

    Morocco is a land of a wide range of Mountains, Edge & deep valleys, to explore the landscape & the Berber life style you need definitly to trek up the hills.
    Trekking is the word used to describe a journey on foot, often over rough or mountainous terrain. Usually involving the support of a trekking crew where porters or pack animals carry the group equipment and your personal belongings. You only need to carry a day sack with the items you need for the day. Since 1985 Classic Journeys have been leading the way and continue to do so with many years experience and planning going into every trip. Our trekking and walking holidays have been carefully planned to allow quality, safe and excellent value for money treks. A typical trekking day might involve 5 to 8 hours walking including a lunch stop. You are free to walk at your own pace and on all treks there is time to rest, relax and meet the local people, learning something of their lifestyle and cultures. We carry a comprehensive first aid kit and our leaders are trained in first aid. In the event of an emergency we have the best available back up and rescue facilities in the areas we are
    Most popular Treks through the Atlas Mountains :
    • Toubkal Ascent - 2 days.
    • Berber villages of Toubkal massif - 2 days
    • Berber villages of Toubkal massif - 3 days
    • Toubkal circular trek - 6 days
    • The Grand Tour of the Atlas - 12days
    • Imlil day walks
    • Mgoun Climb - 5 days
    • Berber villages of Ait Bouguemez valley - 4 days.
    • Jebel Saghro Trek - 8 days
    • Jebel Siroua Trek - 8 days
    • Telouet valley - 5 days

                                               Big Welcome To The High Atlas Mountains  

                                              By Mohamed Maachou / Manager


    Active Treks Morocco -sarl

    Active Treks Morocco -sarl

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