GU10 LED Lamp

    By a111961

    Since U.S. Department LED Downlights of Energy figures reveal that about 22 percent of electricity used in the United States goes toward lighting, converting to LED bulbs would have a profound economic and environmental impact.

    DenBaars said that if 25 percent of U.S. light bulbs were converted to 150-lumens-per-watt LEDs, the nation would eliminate the need to build 133  LED Strip Lights coal-burning power stations and reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere by 284 million tons.

    However, the  LED Strip Lights that are currently available fall way short of 150-lumens per watt. Such technology may be on the horizon as a couple of companies have developed experimental LEDs that can put out around 130 lumens per watt.

    In DenBaars' 150-lumens-per-watt GU10 LED Lamp example, the United States would save about $115 billion by 2025 in utility costs.

    "Multiply that by three and you get the worldwide savings," he said.



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