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    A University of California, LED Lamps Bulbs Santa Barbara researcher has found that light-emitting diotes -- more commonly known as LEDs -- could viably replace conventional light bulbs in about two years. LEDs provide about as much light as a 60-watt bulb for longer, while using less energy.

    An LED bulb already LED Flexi Strip far outlasts a standard bulb -- LEDs run for approximately 100,000 hours -- but cost around $60 dollars a bulb. Steven DenBaars, a UC professor of material science, points out that the prices have been declining by about 50 percent a year, and should drop to about $20 a bulb in two years. The bulbs would then pay for themselves in terms of energy savings in about a year, especially LED Light Module in large stores and warehouses where lights are on almost all day, he said.

    Another disadvantage of traditional bulbs is they only convert about 5 percent of the energy they use into light, and the rest is dissipated as heat.



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