Important note how to get noticed

    By Centillien

    Social networks are about sharing content and content. You cannot do that alone. The good thing is that you are rewarded for appreciating content. That is because we mention your name and company page attached to the article. It is so easy, just click on the thumb if you appreciate somebody's content

    Even search engines see that. Ever wondered how it is possible that some of our members have higher page rank than the centillien homepage itself ? It is because they read and publish content and if they like it they appreciate it by clicking on the thumbs up and get a backlink to their profile !

    So basically I am telling you how to beat us with our own product. Sure Centillien has thousands of facebook likes, google plus, tweets etc.. but still some of our members or content gets better found on Internet than the Centillien homepage. 

    Visitors also see who liked content and might take a look at your profile and products. 

    So help yourself by helping others. Remember it only works if you appreciate the really good content or the ones related to your companies own products. So even appreciating competitive company articles helps. I have to admit, Internet is a strange world with a lot of different rules that apply.  

    So you do have to read it and make up your mind if it is worth your appreciation.



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    Business description

    Centillien went live in june 2012. We believe that companies around the world need a social network of their own to be able to become more effective in this important area.
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