By Centillien

    The world in human terms is about attention.

    What would a politician, judge, movie star or general be without attention ? Even money is worthless if nobody cares about it. Then it would only be a good thought of someone to make trade more efficient, but would have failed since nobody took  interest.

    Centillien is all about attention to your company and might therefore be worth your attention.

    We wil do our utmost best to get you the attention and business you want

    Help us to acheive this by carefully reading this note and apply it to your daily lives.

    Helping each other get their word out, will help you get your word out.

    Social networks are a great way to acheive attention. I even believe there is no cheaper or better way than that, to do so. So if you appreciate ones effort, give them the appreciation he or she deservers.

    At no cost, and you make someone happy and he will return the favor now or later !

    The most popular companies on Centillien are those who read others blogs, ads and profiles and like and share them. Not the biggest companies, but the most active. Sure, the big companies on Centillien get popular without being involved, but they can't beat the little ones without paying enough attention.

    Centillien therefore introduces "Appreciates" a way to show the world that you support one another and grow bigger at no cost. Click on the Thumbs button if you appreciate an article, blog, event or advertisement. Offcourse sharing it to other networks increases the visibility even more.

    By not focussing all the time on our own goals we acheive them anyway together !



    Social network for companies. Full public profile, advertising, blogs, videos, events, groups. We have the most functional social network in the world
    Business description

    Centillien went live in june 2012. We believe that companies around the world need a social network of their own to be able to become more effective in this important area.
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