Are You Fed Up With High-Priced Tractor Repairs? Now Is The Time To Purchase Your Tractor’s Manual Online

    Tractor Manuals - Jensales Inc
    By Tractor Manuals - Jensales Inc

    One of the best kept tractor owner secrets to save money is to buy and use an original tractor manual for your tractor’s repair and maintenance. Hundreds of other smart vintage tractor owners are taking advantage of this simple, cheap solution to tractor repair and maintenance. These nifty, informative original manuals are available online for purchase - they can save the day, and your pocketbook!

    Avoid High Priced Repair Appointments

    Who wants to spend big bucks on tractor repair and maintenance? You’ve got a business to run and your tractor is the workhorse that gets the job done.  But when breakdowns happen it’s not possible to pay for high priced specialty repairs on a regular basis. Doing those repairs yourself is a quick and easy task with original tractor repair and case service manuals. You’ll not only get the repairs done at no cost, but you’ll avoid being off the job while you wait for an appointment.

    What Are These Manuals?

    These printed documents are Tractor Service Manuals, originally created for service shop owners to do maintenance and repair. They were never offered to the general public, or tractor owners. These days, smart tractor owners have caught on to the benefit of owning these cost saving manuals.  They are original, and specific to your make and model.  The manuals go into detail and provide step by step directions on how to repair almost any breakdown and perform maintenance.

    The Truth about Tractor Manuals

    Savvy and business minded tractor owners have learned buying tractor manuals online can save money, and time.  For each tractor model there are several different manuals available. You can choose to purchase them all, or start with one or two. Once you have one, you’ll want to own them all. There are typically three main manuals for every model; Operators Manual, Service Manual, and the Parts Manual.

    Operator’s Manual – You may already own this manual as it was provided to each owner when they purchased a new tractor. If you don’t have it, it’s a mainstay for running your tractor.  You’ll find detailed descriptions on operating and using the tractor.

    Service Manual – These original manuals were not offered to the general public, or even to owner’s themselves. They were only given to authorized service and repair centers to guide them with repairs and maintenance.  The manuals are available for every specific make and model of tractor and give step-by-step directions on how to fix problems, repair any issue, and put it all back together. This must have manual is for repairs, and for restoration.

    Farmall manual– This amazing manual not only lists all the parts available for your tractor, but offers expanded views of all sections and parts.  You’ll find numbered images along with directions on assembly and disassembly. It comes in handy when ordering parts and talking with a dealer.

    How Do I Order Manuals?

    Tractor manuals are available for purchase online or over the phone. All the manuals, no matter what brand or model, is available on clean crisp 8 ½” x 11: paper, with high resolution images, and are bound with heavy use in mind. Some even come with added content like paint codes, tech updates, and serial numbers.






    Tractor Manuals - Jensales Inc

    Tractor Manuals - Jensales Inc

    Jensales prints the world's finest repair manuals for tractors, implements and industrial equipment.
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    Jensales prints the world's finest repair manuals for tractors, implements and industrial equipment. Our tractor manuals are the best reproduction factory manuals you can buy, and our library is the...