Load Board - A new system for successful logistic business

    Suain Logistics
    By Suain Logistics

    Load board is nothing but an online tools where supply chain, shipping professionals and third party logistic companies will be in a position to provide details on what loads they have put forwarded to ship for vehicle carriers to observe and meet.  Load board provides the most modernized system to locate shipments for both freight and trucking companies.  Shippers on a daily basis go through the internet to get access of Load Boards and upload their obtainable loads.

    Suain Logistics

    Suain Logistics

    Suain is going to introduce load board concept first time in India for the transport sectors.
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    Our mission at suainlogistics.com is to save both time and money of truckers, transporters and 3PL. We accomplish that mission with the use of an innovative system that allows Transporters, truckers...


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