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    Unity Living is a web based  software  to manage the day to day activities and communication in a Residential Complex such as Apartments, Villas etc. This is a one stop solution for all the issues and could make the thankless job of apartment management ,fun and easy. It brings  transparency into the operations of the association and improve satisfaction of owners and residents.Manage and maintain your apartment professionally with Unity living tools, not being person dependent and reduce your total efforts.The software does not require any setup cost.All you need is a computer and an internet connection.It integrate all the operations in a residential community including accounts, billing ,communication etc.  It eliminates all the difficulties in managing the apartments and bring the entire community together. Unity Living is best suited to act as an apartment or villa management / association accounting /LPG billing/ online association software.Implemented throughout kerala.



    Software services rendered in cloud platform.
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        We have an ever growing client base and our services are rated as the best among all other Apartment management softwares.