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    Tamil Nadu Government’s LATEST SOLAR POWER POLICY mandates 6% of the power consumed as SOLAR PURCHASE OBLIGATION (SPO) for the following category of customers with immediate effect, to overcome the acute power shortage prevailing in Tamil Nadu.
    The category will cover all HT consumers (HT Tariff I to V) includes
    1.            Special Economy Zones (SEZ S),
    2.            Industries guaranteed with 24 x 7 power supply
    3.            IT Parks, Telecom Towers
    4.            All colleges and Residential Schools
    5.            Buildings with a built up area of 20000 sq meters and more.   
      These obligated consumers may fulfill their SPO by                                  
    1. Buying equivalent to or more than their SPO from other third party developers of SOLAR POWER PROJECTS in Tamil Nadu.
    2. Buying Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) from Solar Power Producers in Tamil Nadu.
    3. Purchasing power from TANGEDCO at solar power tariff.
    The investment towards this arrangement is entitled for very attractive incentives like depreciation benefits and tax savings and the PAY BACK is faster.
    In this scenario, a great opportunity has been created for   Prospective investors who are looking for RISK FREE, HIGHLY PROFITABLE, LONG LASTING business ventures / projects shall immediately decide to install SOLAR POWER GENERATING plants in Tamil Nadu, reaping considerable benefits and high profits for next 25 years!
    We are providing herewith the indicative turnkey cost for the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and operation & maintenance of 1.00 MW grid connected PV solar system and
    •The system will have MINIMUM of 25 years life.
    •Annual generation of minimum of 15.00 lakh units of electricity.
    •The Project is eligible for 10 years income tax holidays.
    •80% depreciation in the first year itself (10% in the second 10% in the third year).
    •Renewable Energy Certificates (which can be traded in the ENERGY EXCHANGES between Rs.9.30 to     13.40 per unit of electricity).
    •Land requirement being 5.00 acres for I MW.
    •Project Investment Return Ratio (IRR) is 25% - 41% and payback in 3 - 4 years!
    •Pollution free, environment friendly, no gaseous emissions.     
    We are a team of qualified, trained and experienced dedicated professionals with nearly 25 years of service in the field recognized by leading SOLAR PROMOTING AGENCIES all over the developed countries like GERMANY, CANADA, USA and SWITZERLAND.
    Since 1991, we succeeded in helping leading corporate like ITC Ltd, TVS Ltd, EID Parry Ltd, Holiday Inn, KG Group, Chinmaya Mission, Taj Group, LMW Ltd and many more to opt for the same and earn many folds their investment by saving conventional fuels.
    we are associated with leading companies like Ms. EMPERGY (US based), Ms. SWISS MANGO (Europe based) in India and TATA SOLAR POWER LTD, RENXSOL Ecotech etc to promote the SOLAR POWER GENERATION in KILO WATT to MEGA WATT range .
    Looking forward to meet you in person / an opportunity to discuss this in detail, and having a pleasant association in the future,
    Thanks and best regards.
    D. Balasubramanian   
    Vilvam Electrotech Ptivate Limited
    Mobile:  9841061820

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    Posted: January 9, 2013, 5:58 pm

    Vilvam Electrotech Private Limited

    Vilvam Electrotech Private Limited

    We believe clean solar energy should be available for everyone .Be a part of this program. With over 20 years of industry experience we use our expertise and industry-leading solar panels to provide you with a high performance system for your home

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