By Centillien

    Dear Pioneers @ Centillien,

    Thank you for being among the pioneers at the new global, social network for companies, Centillien.

    We really appreciate it and we want to update you on everything that is happening. Today, after one month, we have more than 660 registered company members from 30 countries with the Netherlands, India, Pakistan and the USA in the lead.

    We had more than 22.000 unique visitors, 30.000 hits on company profiles, 125.000 page views and 7.000 views of the 60 free ads that have been posted.

    Very promising.

    We added a lot of functionality in the last two weeks to help you to present and promote your company even better and to enable you to get in contact with other companies or visitors.

    What we did?

    Find out and check the full list of current free functionality @

    Study it carefully and make sure you get the most out of your free Centillien membership.

    Remember that by registering and completing your profile you are in fact creating your own company website

    At NO cost => This all at NO cost and with a higher visibility and find ability on the web than you ever dreamed of.

    As our pioneers I want to give you 3 valuable tips. The sooner you act the better your results will get.

    1. Get popular as a company. This is achieved by inviting other companies to join. If they join you will have more connections and a higher ranking leading to more views.

    2. Create a global interest group.

    Look at popular groups on other networks that fit your company profile and target audience and

    start your own group  @ Centillien.

    You will be in the lead.

    3. Be specific about the interests and company skills in your profile. It's a very good way to get found in Centillien and to get recognized in search engines.

    Dear pioneer members,

    I wish you lots of succes and once again: Check out all free functionality that Centillien offers and get the maximum benefit out of it.

    Complete your profile. The first 50 members who show a 100% completed profile in the Centillien network will be rewarded. They will get an emailaccount for free with the url of their choice. Example is linked to the profile of Kingwood Europe B.V.

    Last but not least.

    In case of queries or when you want to share ideas or suggestions, contact me.  I will start a blog @ Centillien. If you want to follow me, subscribe to my blog or read it on the site And help your fellow members.................. by liking and sharing their content.

    Good luck and have fun

    Gerard Kanters



    Social network for companies. Full public profile, advertising, blogs, videos, events, groups. We have the most functional social network in the world
    Business description

    Centillien went live in june 2012. We believe that companies around the world need a social network of their own to be able to become more effective in this important area.
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    • Enziq Solutions
      By Enziq Solutions

      Sounds Interesting, will definitely invest some time for it today. Keep up the great work.