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    Flash has definitely had an impact on the way the internet has presented videos and images. It’s a multimedia platform used to animate videos and make websites more interactive. However, flash has undergone several changes and has changed hands from Macromedia to Adobe. Even today flash is an excellent idea when it comes to putting up portfolios, but on the internet ever since the HTML5 things have taken a new turn. You can now get animations on your website, without losing much power, speedy loads and compromising on security. Flash is an excellent resource but not always so here’s where you can’t use Flash on a website.

    1. Website Intros

    A website intro is an unnecessary waste of time as visitors would not wait for your website intro to load first and then go through an unwanted intro and subsequently get to your website. In short, people prefer neat, clean and direct information.

    2. SEO Objectives

    Now I’m not ruling out that you could get a “not-very-bad" SEO ranking for a flash site. However, in comparison with the smarter websites which use HTML5 you are going to fail miserably if you stick to flash. SEO on its own is an elaborate process, so if your site plans on running based on SEO strategies, flash is a big No.

    3. Menus or site Navigation
    Menus are meant for “accessing” anything the user wants on the website. They are not there to look good or cool. The menus have a well-defined purpose, and this must be given the first preference. A Flash menu would not be as usable as a regular one as it might cut off some visitors, usually mobile users as everyone need not necessarily have flash installed on their system. Besides search engines would not track Flash as it lacks true links.

    4. Informational/Content focused sites
    When it comes to informational content or websites, Flash drastically fails to impress. It lacks the simplicity and usability of an HTML website. When visitors were asked to use a Flash website which contained information focused content, visitors complained about usability issues. In fact, users prefer accessibility over the amazing aesthetics of a Flash. Furthermore, it would cost you more to set up a flash website as compared to an HTML one, and it would also be a cumbersome task maintaining a Flash site. So it would be better to avoid Flash if your website specifically aims at providing informational content.

    5. E-Commerce
    Over time Flash has evolved in terms of functionality and programmatic flexibility, and now with Flex, Flash even supports application-type usage. However using Flash for eCommerce might not be a good idea because :

     Flash is a pretty complex platform: A regular HTML eCommerce site would have a neat and direct approach with the all too familiar catalogue, account, and checkout system. The best part here is that you can easily and independently edit and modify them further to get the desired results. Now although an online Flash store would have all of these components, it's not easy to manipulate and bend them to get the desires results. Basically Flash is a complex and not-so-flexible platform which makes improvising an impossible task. So if you want an easy to use and maintain an eCommerce website with no functionality errors Flash is definitely not the answer.

    Robust eCommerce conventions : eCommerce has become a part of everyday life to such an extend that visitors have fixed ideas and conventions about how shopping is done online. The slightest deviation from these conventions could lead to a drastic drop in the ROI of the website. Even if a snazzy Flash cart has more features than a conventional one it would not be able to beat the conversion rate of a regular HTML shopping cart. At the end of the day all that matters is the Conversion rate. Typically online shoppers love to Click “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” therefore, a drag and drop system where the user has to drag an item and drop it in the cart section of a page might just not work. This is a change that would take its own sweet time!

    6. Sites Requiring Frequent Attention/Management
    If your client requires a website which demands frequent updates and maintenance then Flash is a bad idea. It’s true, Flash has some good content management options but it would present several hurdles as keeping a Flash site maintained and updated for years is nearly impossible. So if your clients need a website that has to be constantly edited and the content has to be managed regularly the don’t even contemplate using Flash.

    These were a few areas where Flash would not perform well, however remember flash is an excellent tool and when put to proper use can give amazing results. Ideally Flash would work well for sites that include portfolios and promotional sites usually movies or product “exploration” sites and sites that require videos or games. Again if an HTML version of any of these can be worked out it is a better option. So always determine the primary purpose of a website before deciding on the platform.

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    eSparkInfo Solution

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      eSparkInfo Solution

      eSparkInfo Solution

      eSparkInfo is leading web design company providing best IT solution services at affordable price like: eCommerce Web Design, Professional Web Design & more.