Where is the moral ?

    By NetCare
    Where is the moral ?

    I live in a very wealthy country (the Netherlands) and I do not know what hunger, war or poverty is. What I do know is that my country like all other wealthy countries structurally ignores real problems and focus on the local tragedies and "solves" anything that hits the media.

    These tragedies are true tragedies in terms of personal trauma like rape, violence or even murder. But sometimes it is really ridiculous that our government is required to take legal measures to prevent birds being shot or students getting drunk.

    This would not be so disturbing if we also face the real problems in this world, like wars, or 25.000 people dying of hunger every day. Nobody seems to really care for this in the rich western world. We are more concerned about traffic accidents, or some local personal tragedy.

    I was told that it is human nature and I can accept that. But we are also intelligent beings, able to see beyond our limited sight. So my question is, why don't we ?

    I am not trying to be "Miss world" telling you that the world should be a better place. I am telling you that we (including our press and politiciancs) are sight limited, self fulfilling people that truly lack moral actions.

    For a short while I was politically active, believing it might make a difference. And it could, but everybody I talked had their own "hat" on which limited their view to whatever their local goals would be. Their city, province or country. The most ridiculous meeting I attended, was were local politicians really got upset about a traffic light that should (or not, I forgot)  been implemented. At that point I was aware that my presence, thoughts and goals were waisted on politics. For twenty years, I am a business man and therefore need to make money and take care of my people. But I am also concerned about the greater things in live. We all live in one world, with all living beings and we should try to take care of them all. I am not talking about money, but just attention, thinking about how to do things better. Giving money is not a solution, it is only taking away guilt from rich(er) people. Trying to think about solutions where we all benefit is the only sustainable way, and that takes thinking effort instead of money. Money follows the path of attention !

    While I am at the subject, I even dare to challenge the big global charity organisations. Have you ever wondered why WWF shows seals with wide open, almost crying eyes ? It moves peoples heart and they are willing to pay for that. Why not save the wolves or sharks ? They are also really threatened in their existence. Because sharks and wolves are scary animals and we seem to be glad they are vanished from the earth. What does this say about the moral of WWF ? Are they trying to preserve nature, or are they filling their pockets from all of us, who are moved by their messages ?  Maybe they should change their slogan to "For a living WWF", instead of "For a living planet'. This planet can live without WWF or for the matter humans at all. It has been doing that for billions of years. So, I think we are closer to being the disease than the cure.

    Ok, let's cool down now. Sure any organisation strives to preserve and so WWF, my political party, and the news people are all doing the same. Tell what you are interested in and survive.

    So my bottomline question is, where is the moral and true involvement in our world ?  I think we have them all in our heart, but we need to open our eyes and focus on cooperation, humanity, moral believe and move away from these short sighted, self sustaining organisations who try to sell us guilt and local morality.

    That is all for today, a little relieve (for me anyway)....




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    NetCare is een ervaren ICT organisatie, die praktische en uitvoerbare oplossingen levert op de gebieden detachering, software ontwikkeling en ons sociaal intranet applicatie MyVox om zo toegevoegde...