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    Shes beautiful, shes amazing, B Angie B everybody Clap those hands!!!! "I don't want to clap my hand's! Why should I clap for her?!" Random person in audience says. I wil tell you why you should clap your hand's my friend. She has something special. This woman CAN BLOW! Her Voice is about 5000 angel's in a chorus night club! Her body is tighter than a screw in a spaceship! Her face remind's you of a born to be "Superstar!" Known for her multiple Hit's in the past, shes coming back full blast with something new, Something Different, Something Extreme that will BLOW YOUR MIND!  And guess what else, She loves her fans! "Yea yea yea, we hear that all the time." No! Listen! She has been practicing non stop, for the past 4 weeks and her video isn't even at 5000 views yet. She wants to make sure all of you have the best of the best, not the worst of the worst. We sure hope you're ready for her, BECAUSE SHES READY FOR YOU! And shes ready to go HARD!!! Not only that, but she loves her commenters, she loves her subscribers, her likes ! Anything if not everything that shows her the support.  Shes not the kind of person who has people fill out fan mail for her or even has people write songs for her. She makes music from her soul, that people can relate to. The person that comes outside of her house up a huge hill to check the mailbox for her fanmail (bills to). Whos on her facebook, youtube, twitter, or any other social media site 24/7?!" What??!!! Thats us doing stuff for her! What does she give us? She loves our comments, but doesnt seem to love us." She does love you, All of you. These are just some of the little things I've seen her do. All of the other hardwork that she does hasn't been witnessed. Imagine what she does behind closed doors. Imagine the dedication of all her doings paying off to make her fans ecstatic, crazy, Wild! That feeling in her vocals that makes you feel of essence, as if your in an orb of complete ectasy. She loves talking to her fans and thanking them for the support. Shes going to give back, but first, she needs to get off the ground. Which is where you guys come in, so all those fans better clap those hand's :D "WAIT WAIT WAit wait, Whoa whoa WHOA! Can I ask a question?" Me:Shoot.

    Him: Is she single?



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    By the way, Im her relative and one of her biggest fans that offered to spread the word :D

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