Economies are built on cooperation, you always start by giving.

    By Centillien

    Let's start this article with a question

    Is there a difference between online and offline business ?

    The answer is ambiguous, online business is much more efficient, faster and is very transparent . It is also harder to grab peoples attention and to hold on to that. As a consequence quality content is the only content that is being read. 

    On the other hand, it is business as usual. Getting business starts with confidence. People are by nature scared of new things, new relations and being disappointed or even worse being scammed or hurt. 


    Act as a global village

    Gaining trust is about proofing to people that you have the right spirit and a good way to start is to give. Proof you are worth their trust, proof who you are, what you can do and really help them with their problems. In terms of social networks, giving is spreading other peoples message and appreciate their efforts. It is a way of qualifying content to others, helping them to see what is worth their time and what is not. As you all know, time is money. Don't waste either one of them.

    During history, reputation has been very important in all aspects of our society, meaning in business too. Building reputation cannot be done without others. That is why social networks attract.  You cannot do it alone is the message. We can help deliver the message, but if it ain't true, there is absolutelty no need spreading. 

    Hope this messages gets through in a good way. Let's build the world like a global village, friendly, social and cooperative.

    regards Centillien 




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