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    Dr.Pankaj singh
    By Dr.Pankaj singh

    Good News for all those who are didn’t getting proper clinical psychological services on their place. Glowworm are providing all types of Psychological services Online.

    Psychological Services are:-

    1) Clinical Psychological Testing.
    2) Counselling and Guidance.
    3) Psychotherapy and 
    4) Special Training for Special Ones 

    Childhood counselling, Adolescents Counselling, Marital/ Pre-Marital, Sex Counselling, Behaviour modification, Memory Related Counselling, Stress management, Educational Counselling, Anger and Phobia related Counselling & Guidance.

    In order to sign up for phone/video counselling, you will need to contact Glowworm by calling 09561717179 or 09423410923 , OR E-mailing us at and requested phone/video counselling.

    We will then email you exact directions on how to make an appointment and make the payment for the same. You need to make an appointment and the payment for the session at least one business day prior to the appointment date. Once your payment is confirmed, then you can call or skype with the Best Clinical –Neuropsychologist as per your appointment. Your appointment will be fixed at a convenient time for you, however, unless payment is completed the prior business day the appointment will be cancelled.


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    Dr.Pankaj singh

    Dr.Pankaj singh

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