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    By Centillien

    One default element on your profile page is the messageboard. You and your connections can write messages on it and that makes it possible to have closed discussions with your personal network.

    The url for the messageboard is . Therefore mine is 

    There are no visible messages and , since it is protected to connections. But even then, there are no messages since nobody likes me image But seriously, messageboard is one of the functions that is scarcely used and that triggered me to write this article.

    It is possible to make the messageboard open to other users than your connections. You can even make it public to the whole internet, but I would not recommend that. If you do want that, go to your profile, and click on the wheel and change the access level from connections to logged in or public.




    If you don't want the messageboard on your profile, just remove the widget by clicking on the x button.

    If people do use your message board, you will be notified by email . If you don't want that, check your notifications settings in the Message menu.

    Let's hope this all makes sense to you. 




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