Augmented Reality

    Principle Advanced Communication Technology



          Augmented Reality is a new amazing technology inserting 2-3D models, pictures, sound and text into the real view captured by camera and displayed over a screen.

           Augmented Reality overlays the reality around you with essential information available, entertaining features and marketing opportunities. This technology is applicable to Web applications, Desktop applications, Mobile applications and TV. Image Recognition adds powerful options to augmented reality since it allows different content load according to the image tracked by the camera.

           PACT AR uses the best solutions in the world of Augmented Reality to support all platforms available in market with different requirements. We create amazing applications, fully supported and perfectly designed to each customer , involving augmented reality features. 

         PACT AR develops over Android and iPhone. We have gained much of experience developing many mobile applications using all capabilities of the mobiles sensors, creating our own augmented reality geo-location view and building different kinds of applications following each customer's requirements.

    Principle Advanced Communication Technology

    Principle Advanced Communication Technology

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    Business description

    Established in 2007, located in Amman-Jordan. We are active in mobile application system development, such as financial / governmental / info / entertainment