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    Principle Advanced Communication Technology


    Users don’t care if it’s native or web as long as the app is fast and responsive.  PACT hazes the appearances between native and web apps, bringing a high-performing knowledge that customers imagine when using mobile applications. PACT finger takes advantage of hardware acceleration to deliver an unbelievable app experience regardless what browser or mobile device a user is using. Built specifically to use methods & systems that mark the most intelligence on each platform, PACT leases web applications competing native.                                   


    We made developing PACT apps cooler than ever…. All Great achievements need time; therefore we are here to shorten it and support you.  Imagine the seamless app you want to build, in what way you want it to appear or how you want it to act with social networks. PACT has an answer for you. We build apps to let you have great customer involvements.

    Principle Advanced Communication Technology

    Principle Advanced Communication Technology

    Mobile Development, Web Development & Services, Augmented Reality,
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    Established in 2007, located in Amman-Jordan. We are active in mobile application system development, such as financial / governmental / info / entertainment


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