Fiber Optic Connector Application Requirement

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    Fiber Optic Connector Application Requirement
    1. Fiber optic connector contacts should keep clean and keep out of oil and dust. The connectors will be added anti-dust cap after inspection by manufacturer, when not in use; please don’t remove the anti-dust cap. After connectors mating, if there is insertion loss or return loss can’t meet the requirement, you should clean the contacts and adaptors both with filament fiber paper, wipe the contacts with alcohol or other cleanser firstly, then wipe clean with dry filament fiber paper ( adaptor should be cleaned with special swabs). Especially when applied to the EDFA and Raman amplifier, the dirt on the connector ends surface will damage fiber optics and reduce the connector reliability.
    2. The optical cable part on the connector was barred to being bent in right angle and acute angle, squeezing by heavy objects is also not allowed, the fiber optics with creases, impression or damage problem, the connectors can’t be used. When mounting in the cabinet, should reserve the position for optical fiber connector and anti-dust hood to avoid cable damage and the cabinet door can be closed.
    3. We can’t put strength on the hood and cable when inserting and extracting connectors, should put on connector outer shell to avoid the fiber optic break and off, as optical-interface is dense, and the space for inserting and extracting is small.
    4. If one end of fiber optic connector already connects with equipments, we can look directly, as optical power which is from long distance module output is high, and also may cause harm to vision.


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