The Buyers How to Choose a Connector Manufacturer

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    The Buyers How to Choose a Connector Manufacturer

    It becomes more and more difficult to choose connector. On one hand, the international connector manufacturing giant Tyco, Molex, FCL, Sunkye etc. have been running in global market for many years, and the cost is lowing year by year, the price difference between domestic connector and imported ones down from 30% to 10%.On the other hand, the connector manufacturer of every country is growing up fast, they make big progress in product types, quality and service. Facing the the wide array of options, the buyer hope can choose the most suitable connector at lowest cost, however, the cost reduction and potential quality risk is a rapier, which make the sourcing managers who are conventional or radical are at sea. In view of this, the article will explain how to choose a connector supplier from the perspective of strategic sourcing.

    1. The establishment of sourcing team. Sourcing can be proceeded not only by purchasing dept., but also by a purchasing team which make up of buyer, QA, component engineer and R&D engineer, and organize work by sourcing manager, for example, R&D engineer can deal with the confirmation and consultation of purchasing contract, the QA engineer handle the assessment of quality system of the connector supplier and product quality, and the component engineer is in charge of the connector certificate and test, etc, the purchasing manager roles as a leader and take charge the formulation of purchasing strategy, overall supplier assessment, business negotiation  and order management, etc.

    2.The preparation of sourcing material. You should know what to buy, such as the normalization of purchasing order, purchasing Qty., price, amount, packing, certificate, patent, etc. If the drawing, technology, business information can be stored by electric way, which will promote the working efficiency greatly.

    3.The analysis for the current connector supplier. The analysis include the qualified supplier’s quality, service level, quality, technology, annual purchasing amount and the information of potential qualified supplier, etc. It will be better to have a quantitative analysis for supplier quality, price, delivery, service, technique, etc.

    4.The marketing analysis, include price trend, technology trend, manufacturing tendency.

    Through the above analysis, generally, you can work out the initial aim and operation strategy on supplier quality, quality, technology, service, support, etc., and create conditions for choosing high-quality supplier.

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