Intelligent Turnstile Gates(ST-9027A)

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    Intelligent Turnstile Gates(ST-9027A)

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    By Semtong Technology Co., Ltd
    Reference Number: 64416

    Flow speed:

    • Opening mode: 50 people/minute
    • Closing mode: 30 people/minute


    1) Two directions controlled/one direction controlled

    2) LED direction indicator

    3) Flow Speed:

    A) 50 people/minute in the opening mode

    B) 30 people/minute in the closing mode

    4) Illegal invasion sound alarm

    5) Anti-strike function

    6) Keep open/close status if the power supply fails



    1) Dry contact: DC12V, 10mA

    2) RS485 interface

    3) Pulse voltage signal, more than 100ms

    4) Passageway: ≤700mm

    5) Power: AC220V, 50Hz/AC110V, 60Hz(optional)

    6) Operating environment: -25to 60degree, RH ≤90%

    7) Dimensions: 1, 680 x1, 050mm

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